Tuesday April 16 2013- Bridge Presentation!

Today I am going to make a self assessment on my work from my bridge presentation bellow.

In science we have been learning about forces acting on structures, and to show what we have learned about it we did a Smart Notebook presentation. We had to incorporate five different types of bridges on only five slides. The bridges I did were the Arch bridge, Suspension bridge, Beam bridge, Truss bridge, and the Moon bridge.

I think I added lots of information in my slides. I learned about two bridges I didn’t even know existed in till I did the presentation. I think I could of done a little more points about the bridges, but I put in questions to make the reader involved. I also added pictures too, with arrows showing what some of the things on the bridge were. Also I tried to make my slides colorful as well.

Some of the ways doing the project helped me is because I had to look back and remember what we did and I had to use the different resources to find what I was looking for. I think that made me stay on topic and not talk to the people around me. I was able to complete my work and try my best!


Bridge Project_1Bridge Project_2  Bridge Project_3Bridge Project_4Bridge Project_5

2 thoughts on “Tuesday April 16 2013- Bridge Presentation!

  1. Sarah thank you so much for the comment it was really nice of you to comment on my blog. I really enjoyed reading it! It helped me realize some of the small details I put in people liked!
    I loved your slide show too!
    – Sophie

  2. Sophie, I really enjoyed reading your bridge presentation because of all the text features. Such as…….. putting all the important words in red. That really helped me remember what was important for that bridge. Another text feature I like was the pictures. The pictures are really nice because now whenever someone ask’s me something about a bridge I can just remember your presentation’s pictures and know exactly what bridge they are talking about.
    One other thing I loved about your presentation was the “Think” bubble in a corner of each slide. It really helped me care about what I was reading because after I knew I would have a fun question to answer. Good job!!!!

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