April 12 2013 Having A Siblings

Having a sibling is sort of like having a puppy. You have to teach them right from wrong, you have to play nice, and playing with them in general, and you never know what is running through their mind. One day they love you the next not so much!

I know from experience, ever since my sibling was born my life has changed totally! But actually I’m glad I have a sibling, you have someone to talk to and share things with (although you can’t always trust them with everything!) You have someone to cuddle with, play with, and who understands you.

Also like a puppy siblings come with responsibilities. I am the oldest so I have to stick up for my sibling, even if sometimes I get in trouble for it. You have to act like your interested in what they are saying even if you wish they could be quiet. One of my favorite parts of having a sibling is that you get to tease them! Just make sure you don’t go too over board, but don’t worry it happens!

Of course we get in fights over the most ridiculous of thing like who’s turn it is to watch TV, or if someone gets more of something then the other one, we are friends again  by the end of the day!

I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have a sibling in my life!

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