April 4 2013- Day Of Pink


It happens throughout HWDSB school board, and more school boards too. Its the day where everyone, whole schools wear pink. But do you know what wearing pink really means?

It all started in Nova Scotia Halifax in 2006. A boy went to school wearing a pink shirt. Sadly he got bullied because of it, so two students took action! No one should have to be bullied because of what they wear, well no one should have to be bullied for any reason not just that. These two students worked hard to get news out, they had a plan! They sent out e-mails, texts, Tweets, Facebook, everything! The next day the entire school came wearing pink, accept the bully!

This is a lesson to be learned. Just because someone is different then you doesn’t mean you have the right to bully them. On April 10 every year schools across Canada¬†participate in Pink Day and everyone wears pink. You can wear anything pink like socks, t-shirts, pants, necklaces, hair pieces, sneaker laces, shoes, hats, scarfs, and many many more! And not just on Pink Day!

Remember “stand up speak out” if you see someone being bullied, take action!

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