March 27- Assessing My Open Response for Reading

Today I’ll be assessing my point of view work (POV) reading response question. The question was: Point Of View for When We Built the Trojan Horse

 #1Evidence from the text underlined in black
– King Priam and prince Paris kidnapped the Spartan queen Helen.
– Spartans came up with a plan to trick the Trojans into letting them come into their city with a gigantic horse.
– The Spartans tricked Trojan goddess Athena.
– So many people died.
– After the war the wooden horse became famous for tricking the city of Troy.

#2 Own ideas underlined in red
–  I think the point of view of the Trojans would be very different because the Trojans are different people.
-Maybe the Trojans didn’t even know that their rulers kidnapped the queen of Sparta.
– When the Trojans came up with the ‘trick’ I think the Trojans would have thought ” Finally the war is over! And what a beautiful gift the Spartans gave us too!”
– If I was a Trojan I would have thought “That’s unfair! We lost the war, our prince died and they got queen Helen! Worst of all they tricked our beloved goddess Athena!”

#3 I have both evidence from the text and my own ideas
Yes, I have  both evidence from the text and my own ideas to support my answer.

#4 Everything is underlined
No, not all of my sentences are underlined. I missed some of my own ideas.

#5 Every sentence is used to answer the question

Almost every sentence is used to answer the question. Most sentences are a little of topic.

Next Steps: How I’m going to bump up my answer

Next time I think my answer could  shorter, Just because a piece of writing is long doesn’t always mean it’s good. I also think that I could add some more evidence from the text.


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