My First Blog Post!

Hello everyone! In today’s blog post I’ll be writing about blogs!I’ll show you how they can help you, how I felt when I found out I was getting a blog!

Blogs can you in help everyday life. You may be wondering why on earth would you even need a blog? Well there a fantastic way to get important information out to the world. I like to call it showing my learning with the world! Then on the other hand there is one con and that is you have to keep up and keep writing new blog posts. But that’s half the fun of having a blog!

Now I’m going to tell you how I felt when I found out I was going to have a blog. ( Sharing my learning with the world.) I was super excited I couldn’t wait to start my very own blog! There are millions of other ways to show your ideas and thoughts with the world too. Such as Twitter, and many other things. ( Just make sure your your old enough and your parents let you first)

Well got to go hope you enjoyed and learned a couple new things! See you next time!


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