Wednesday May 1st 2013- The Effects of Music on Children

Music is in our life’s everyday, and actually music has an effect on people of any age. Including children! In this blog post I’ll be telling you about what I found out about kids and music.

Believe it or not but music has a large effect on kids in a great way. Researchers have shown that certain types of music can increase intelligence by a lot. For example did you know that if children 3 and under listen to ‘Mozart music’ it increases their brain development?

Music can also make you feel a certain way. It’s like telling a story but in rhyme. So that means when a child is upset or angry putting music on can sooth them. Music also reduces kids anxiety level and help children (and people of any age) have healthy heart rate, listen well in school, and be more relaxed.





Wednesday April 24 2013- Learning Style Survey

In our school we have been filling out a learning style survey. Every child has or will do one to uncover things they might not know about them self”s. Here are my thoughts on the survey and how it helped me.

Some of the questions were: what’s your favorite color? And what do you do good at? Some of the questions were harder than others. You had to really think and be true. ( Say what your REALLY do or think.)

Tuesday April 16 2013- Bridge Presentation!

Today I am going to make a self assessment on my work from my bridge presentation bellow.

In science we have been learning about forces acting on structures, and to show what we have learned about it we did a Smart Notebook presentation. We had to incorporate five different types of bridges on only five slides. The bridges I did were the Arch bridge, Suspension bridge, Beam bridge, Truss bridge, and the Moon bridge.

I think I added lots of information in my slides. I learned about two bridges I didn’t even know existed in till I did the presentation. I think I could of done a little more points about the bridges, but I put in questions to make the reader involved. I also added pictures too, with arrows showing what some of the things on the bridge were. Also I tried to make my slides colorful as well.

Some of the ways doing the project helped me is because I had to look back and remember what we did and I had to use the different resources to find what I was looking for. I think that made me stay on topic and not talk to the people around me. I was able to complete my work and try my best!


Bridge Project_1Bridge Project_2  Bridge Project_3Bridge Project_4Bridge Project_5

April 12 2013 Having A Siblings

Having a sibling is sort of like having a puppy. You have to teach them right from wrong, you have to play nice, and playing with them in general, and you never know what is running through their mind. One day they love you the next not so much!

I know from experience, ever since my sibling was born my life has changed totally! But actually I’m glad I have a sibling, you have someone to talk to and share things with (although you can’t always trust them with everything!) You have someone to cuddle with, play with, and who understands you.

Also like a puppy siblings come with responsibilities. I am the oldest so I have to stick up for my sibling, even if sometimes I get in trouble for it. You have to act like your interested in what they are saying even if you wish they could be quiet. One of my favorite parts of having a sibling is that you get to tease them! Just make sure you don’t go too over board, but don’t worry it happens!

Of course we get in fights over the most ridiculous of thing like who’s turn it is to watch TV, or if someone gets more of something then the other one, we are friends again  by the end of the day!

I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have a sibling in my life!

April 4 2013- Day Of Pink


It happens throughout HWDSB school board, and more school boards too. Its the day where everyone, whole schools wear pink. But do you know what wearing pink really means?

It all started in Nova Scotia Halifax in 2006. A boy went to school wearing a pink shirt. Sadly he got bullied because of it, so two students took action! No one should have to be bullied because of what they wear, well no one should have to be bullied for any reason not just that. These two students worked hard to get news out, they had a plan! They sent out e-mails, texts, Tweets, Facebook, everything! The next day the entire school came wearing pink, accept the bully!

This is a lesson to be learned. Just because someone is different then you doesn’t mean you have the right to bully them. On April 10 every year schools across Canada participate in Pink Day and everyone wears pink. You can wear anything pink like socks, t-shirts, pants, necklaces, hair pieces, sneaker laces, shoes, hats, scarfs, and many many more! And not just on Pink Day!

Remember “stand up speak out” if you see someone being bullied, take action!

March 27- Assessing My Open Response for Reading

Today I’ll be assessing my point of view work (POV) reading response question. The question was: Point Of View for When We Built the Trojan Horse

 #1Evidence from the text underlined in black
– King Priam and prince Paris kidnapped the Spartan queen Helen.
– Spartans came up with a plan to trick the Trojans into letting them come into their city with a gigantic horse.
– The Spartans tricked Trojan goddess Athena.
– So many people died.
– After the war the wooden horse became famous for tricking the city of Troy.

#2 Own ideas underlined in red
–  I think the point of view of the Trojans would be very different because the Trojans are different people.
-Maybe the Trojans didn’t even know that their rulers kidnapped the queen of Sparta.
– When the Trojans came up with the ‘trick’ I think the Trojans would have thought ” Finally the war is over! And what a beautiful gift the Spartans gave us too!”
– If I was a Trojan I would have thought “That’s unfair! We lost the war, our prince died and they got queen Helen! Worst of all they tricked our beloved goddess Athena!”

#3 I have both evidence from the text and my own ideas
Yes, I have  both evidence from the text and my own ideas to support my answer.

#4 Everything is underlined
No, not all of my sentences are underlined. I missed some of my own ideas.

#5 Every sentence is used to answer the question

Almost every sentence is used to answer the question. Most sentences are a little of topic.

Next Steps: How I’m going to bump up my answer

Next time I think my answer could  shorter, Just because a piece of writing is long doesn’t always mean it’s good. I also think that I could add some more evidence from the text.


My First Blog Post!

Hello everyone! In today’s blog post I’ll be writing about blogs!I’ll show you how they can help you, how I felt when I found out I was getting a blog!

Blogs can you in help everyday life. You may be wondering why on earth would you even need a blog? Well there a fantastic way to get important information out to the world. I like to call it showing my learning with the world! Then on the other hand there is one con and that is you have to keep up and keep writing new blog posts. But that’s half the fun of having a blog!

Now I’m going to tell you how I felt when I found out I was going to have a blog. ( Sharing my learning with the world.) I was super excited I couldn’t wait to start my very own blog! There are millions of other ways to show your ideas and thoughts with the world too. Such as Twitter, and many other things. ( Just make sure your your old enough and your parents let you first)

Well got to go hope you enjoyed and learned a couple new things! See you next time!